The Rite of Ma'ili Cove

By Terry Herda Gucker

Serrated peaks spear morning mist
Which cools the valley below
Till sun bursts from ridges
To soften the edges
In warming tropical glow

Nature is stirring, birds are calling
Another day has begun
There's wondrous thunder
of a sea that never slumbers
The trade winds chase the sun

The pool gives the urge for denizens to emerge
Sleepily surveying the scene
Each chooses a spot
And lies on a cot
Slathering lotion to a sheen

As the ocean roils and bodies broil
The sun drops toward the west
When it disappears
The folks all cheer
Time of cocktails and cooling rest

But as one from the arctic
More than the parties, it's the feeling of healing and balm
Anxieties cease
The soul's filled with peace
As I walk neath soft sighing palms

This place that's been given a small bit of heaven
Plays a most vital role
In casting the power of restoring flowers
That drench and invigorate the soul

Arise, Ma'ili moon, to Vespers tune
Shine blessings on all we have learned
We give thanks to our hostess
Whose health we have toasted
God willing, one day, we'll return

Mahalo! Jeanne,

Aloha, Jerry and Terry